Easy Tips How to Get Bigger Boobs without Surgery

how to get bigger boobs without surgeryFor a woman, having small breasts (or flat chest as is referred to by many men) is more anguishing than most other cosmetic problems. Conversely, a woman will never consider herself beautiful if she does not have the big boobs. Men too have compounded the problems by considered women with small breasts non-sexy and unattractive. These women can go to any length just to get bigger boobs.

One of the most effective ways to get bigger breasts is surgical implant. Just like any other surgical procedure, surgically enhancing breast can be associated with serious side effects. If you are stressed about how to enhance your breasts but you dread surgery then you will be pleased to learn that there are natural healthy ways to achieve even better results. Here are some tips on how to get bigger boobs without surgery.

Use Of Exercise

Health experts agree that exercise is the most effective way to get healthy and fit. I believe you also know this. What you may not know is that certain exercises can help increase the size of breasts indirectly. This is because exercise does not in affect the breast tissue any way; it tones up and enlarges the chest muscles (known as pectoral muscles) on which the breasts sit.

A variety of specific exercises can help give the appearance of large breasts. These include push-ups, use of lift dumbbells, performing fly lifts and doing the wall presses. All these exercises can be performed at home. However, they have to be performed the right way to produce the desired effects. This may require you to visit a nearby gym where you can find and instructor to help you with the exercises.

Adopting proper diet

It may sound strange but naturally making boobs bigger is the one of the few situations a woman is advised to add some weight. When you gain weight, the first parts of the body to get fat deposits are the breasts the stomach and the thighs. To gain weight, just increase your caloric intake by including fattier foods such as cheeses and sugary foods such as cookies.

You should also focus on foods that contain high amount of estrogen, the female hormone responsible for the development of the secondary female characteristics including increased breast size. It is possible that your body did not produce adequate amount of estrogen to for the growth during puberty. Foods that increase the level of estrogen and phytoestrogen are many and you can get the information from nutritionists and dietitians.

Choose the right dress code and adopt the right posture

In addition to the above tips, the kind of clothing you wear will also reveal or diminish the breasts. You should choose a bra that fits you perfectly as tight ones will make your breasts appear smaller. Wearing larger bras will make your breast hang lose also making them appear much smaller that they actually are. You can also wear a padded bra eliminating the need for stuffing stuff.

Another great way to get bigger boobs without surgery is wearing clothes that emphasize the breasts. These include wearing of shirts, dresses or blouses that fan out just below the breasts. You can also trick the eyes that you bigger breasts by wearing a necklace or pendant that hangs in the cleavage between your breasts. Finally avoid slouching and adopt a posture that will make your busts stand out.


I believe the above-discussed tips on how to get bigger boobs without surgery will go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. Exercises and diet play major roles and will enable you have large, firm and sexy boobs making you irresistibly beautiful. There is no reason to suffer in silent. Start working out a plan and you will see results.

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