HHO Gas Generator #W3

Hydrogen Fuel GeneratorYou probably already notice that my main language is not English and I’m sorry if it’s hard to read with grammatical mistakes in my post.

I’m very grateful of some of the emails I got and they really help me to continue post some more about my HHO journey.

On the picture you see 4.5+ LPM HHO gas generating construction what I want to buy on my following days, but for now I must go with my old techniques and constructions.

The current week was primary testing and tweaking. So I had right amount of soda, but I know it’s not good electrolyte for the gas producing device. Read that KOH is the one what I need for device, but can’t get from the usual or construction stores, so I had to order from internet and luckily found someone who have/had hobby of making soap. Bought 1 kilo of KOH.

Before purchasing KOH I did some testing on the road. First of all I test out my car without HHO, because Audi unfortunately did not have computer display in and needed manually calculate consume of fuel.


  • 20 L
  • 380 KM
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 5.26L

Now I thought that’s actually good for the 81kW engine car and with HHO it should be even better then 5L.


  • 20L
  • 430 KM
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 4.65L

Overall device really work and generate expected results, but I want to get at least 4.0L per 100 KM. It was great feeling that it actually work and already get my thought on KOH if I could get hand on it definetely produce more then with soda.

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My First Hydrogen Gas Tutorial

Followed this video to make my first own HHO. It was really hard to understand at the beginning, but after all thing got done. Got my car damaged a little, but it’s all my fault that I did not search more information. Still this video is good and can learn some things in it.

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HHO Gas Generator Test #W2

Last week was a really crazy week, as did some damage to my car. When talking more specific about it, my car went up in flames, and it was put off with the orange juice, which is really idiotic, but there was an urgent need to put off fire and I sacrificed that which was intended. This time, I was a bit cautious and took a bit of time to install and test at the same day.

By this time I was watching YouTube, that what I really need and can use for the hydrogen gas generator. Before construct another water power generator I went to the construction store and made a list what I need.

  • 4 an alkaline blots
  • Several alkaline nuts
  • Dozen alkaline washer
  • Hose 3 meters
  • Some mounting for the power cables

It was time to drive home and make hydrogen powered car. Now I should make a new fuel cells and I mean to do cells with neutrals. 2 of those bolts connected with plates and wired with positive and negative. When it was made then it was time to put my container together. Last time I had a metal cup or sort of it, but little bit thinking the easiest and available in my country was windshield washing water plastic container. I cut it off and fit my generator in and weld it back with tinker. But after welding was done my eyes did not feel very good and hurt a little, because of the gas what came from melting plastic.

Anyway work was done after second day and I had to put hose to my HHO generator and fit it into my car (Audi A3). Couldn’t find anywhere free space for hydrogen and had to think again with what I can tie or hang. It was good that plastic container had handler where I could fix my plastic fixer near to my radiator. It was perfect for the testing. On YouTube some people say that fill with soda gonna work great and produce more gas. So I follow guidance and filled my container with soda and yeah it generate more but heat increase also.

Summary It did go well this time, it did not got on fire. But problem still exists with heat manner. After driving some kilometers off I realize that I put too much soda in and my container melt down and water flow away. It’s still not right and hopefully next week I’m gonna do better.

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HHO Gas Generator Test #W1

First of all, I would like to introduce myself before  I begin talking about my experiments. I am a 25 year old young man from Estonia, who has a great interest in experimenting with different things that will save energy and money first. But can start with multiply things together and pick one lucky and what is popular on YouTube. My aim is to find out whether such inventions as the making HHO generator is worth my time and is it useful for my car, and if it working at all. This was my short introduction what I’m gonna talk in my own blog.

Before building anything I still have to have car on what experiment. So taking some time and thinking what should be good I decide to take Audi A3 1.9 TDI.

My country has a limited amount of rust-free metal shopping locations(cannot find where to buy), so I took from dad what was enough to make one HHO generator. It really was enough to make 16 cells hydrogen and took me a lot time spent 6 hours for the first time making from rust free plates. By the way couldn’t find 316L material instead of 316L I’m using 316 and what I read difference of those two was with L last long and are stronger and that’s it.


The biggest problem what I have experience on making HHO was create container for cells. Couldn’t find exact fitting container for hydrogen and hours of searching found promising one. Drilled three holes through the cover and put all together, but did not go well, because after switch power through HHO cells it started to flow water and gas over from tiny wholes. I manage to fix those tiny whole with silicone and pressure was right enough, but problem came if I install to the car. Never tested my construction for long time. After driving with my car around I experienced increase of horsepower, but then it begin to boil and overheat my cables. It lead to the accident. My car was on fire and damaged a little my engine cover and nothing else, so it was happy and tiny accident.

Overall I learned that my HHO cell was built wrong and did not have enough neutral cells. Plastic container is the fastest and easiest to construct for the hydro generator. Accident scared me a little so I need to find more information on how to make effective and safe HHO gas generator. That’s was my 1 testing and gathering information about water power.

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