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The Alcohol Drinking Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction is something that gets into every aspect of your life and destroys it. Whether it is your business, your relationships, the way your kids see you, or the relationships you have with your friends. It can destroy almost every aspect of our lives that makes us humans. And overcoming that addiction is a long, bumpy road trip, and most of the time, it seems impossible to reach the destination mainly because your mind wants that alcohol to make itself feel rewarded.

Yes, that’s true. Any kind of addiction is nothing but your mind considering it as an act of reward that makes it feel good and satisfied even though you might suffer thousands of times after realizing that it was not a great idea to get drunk.

But, there are certain ways to make sure that you stop regretting, and start taking actions to get away from the hard times that alcohol addiction puts us into. And even though it is a tough thing to do, you will reward yourself with something else that doesn’t destroys your life at the end of the journey.

Below are a couple of steps for long term drug treatment you should to take to help yourself with alcohol addiction. I do advise to consult a therapist or a doctor that would professionally treat you with this addiction to make sure that your body doesn’t gets hurt in the process.

alcohol and drug help

Stop Drinking And Do Drugs

You have to make a promise to yourself that you will stop drinking at this very moment. Yes, you have to even if didn’t had your last drink. Most people will advise you to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume, but that isn’t going to help because once alcohol is inside your body, you have no control over your mind.

So I want you to make a huge decision right out of the box and commit to it.

You will surely face a lot of difficulties at the beginning but soon things will get easier and you will even start forgetting to drink every night.

If you are still having issues making the decision to stop drinking, think about how much it is costing you. What would you do with that money if you hadn’t spent on alcohol?

Set Goals For Your Own Rehab

This is crucial because without setting goals, you won’t go anywhere with your drug alcohol addiction treatment. You have to make goals so that you keep progressive towards something instead of nothing.

Make clear, specific goals. The more precise they are, the better. And the better are the chances of you achieving those goals rather than just ignoring them as your New Year Resolutions.

If you followed the first step, here’s what you should do next:

  • Make A Diary of Your Drinking: If you promised yourself to quit drinking this very moment, then you will definitely have to keep a diary and make a note of all the times when you slipped from that promise. Write how many drug alcohol shots you had for 1 week and then keep that diary for 3-4 weeks. This will give you an insight of your current situation and when you should skip drinking to meet your goal.
  • Clear your House: I didn’t meant literally. But you should clean your house and remove any alcoholic beverages immediately. These are little attractions/distractions that put you in the guilty love position. Make sure you don’t fall for these traps by immediately getting rid of all things that remind you about alcohol.
  • Take a Break: Notice the times when you tend to consume a lot of alcohol. Now, take a break from alcohol on that day. Its might be hard on the first day, or maybe the first month, it will soon become a habit once you keep following it.

While you are going through the treatments and the things that I mentioned above, you will definitely have a sense of feeling that things aren’t going anywhere, or you are not progressing as you thought you would. I want to you remind yourself that it is completely fine to think like that but make sure that you don’t give up because that’s the only thing that is keeping you strong and starting to balance your life.

So, don’t feel hopeless or give up. Find some kind of motivation for yourself, it doesn’t matter what kind. You just have to get yourself motivation to go through the steps and avoid drinking.

Lastly, KEEP PROGRESSING. That’s how life works.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment & Rehab – Cause Of Alcohol Addiction

The real cause of treatment and addiction science and medicine all agreed that all addiction that all actions are due to an imbalanced brain is called or known as a reward deficiency out most people acquire a reward efficiency at birth. It’s an inherited genetic co branding.

Alcohol Reward Efficiency

However, it can be a report deficiency can be acquired through one’s life if they have a longer balance or girl of Eastern and all bacteria exposure to mold toxins and chemicals, and many people are actually allergic to the grains that make up their alcohol, a hormonal balance can affect the reward efficiency and eleven the brain chemistry and malnutrition, which is rampant throughout the country and relating to the high levels of diabetes and heart problems and obesity. It is creating a reward efficiency, substance abuse, people who weren’t born with that reward efficiency, but who will abuse it constantly and regularly can actually create a reward efficiency, no shame, no blame, and no guilt should be attached to addiction addictions are not due to poor parenting or poor environments are lack of education.


They’re not due to character defects moral shortcomings or lack of willpower pedal and lots of willpower and still are able to overcome their alcohol addiction addictions are not due to choice. 

Why is the relapse rate so high, eighty two to ninety five percent. Let’s talk about sobriety writing is not great and very statement eating other like knuckling it one day at a time indicate that the person hasn’t recovered and people who give up their alcohol generally trade that alcohol or other substances. A new sugar and junk food in caffeine to get that reward their messaging. If they continue to smoke or chew tobacco, or use marijuana, almost in a hundred percent. An agency beetle will relax after alcohol am not understand that it was because they didn’t stop the addiction. 

They just traded their addiction to variety for many people means maintaining what’s called dry drunk behaviors, anger outbursts, your inability campaign to control the environment or control the behavior of other people. They may remain secretive and they are real in their presentation of how they are with other people. They may be impulsive, as they always have been the way down. 

Why is the relapse rate so high because the brain chemistry. The underlying cause of the action heaven and repaired just say no to drugs doesn’t work, we need to stop just saying no to drugs remains no craving no insomnia annoying side a no depression, no relaxed being either reasons why people relapse, so recovery means we don’t have the issues.

how do we recover lost the number one talk and twelve steps group support individual therapy family therapy, group therapy, we all know they don’t stop the cravings and may not prevent relapse. 

Option number two. if medications like true medications can remove your rally a lot about the side effects from the unable to gain actually be not motivated, not having high-energy and what about the creation of the diary and dry mile and what about the desire to overeat. All of these symptoms are a sign of the effect of the medications aren’t working very well. What’s important to note that all of these medications are also addicted to its trading one addiction for another and getting off some of these medications can be worse than getting lots of the alcohol, but perhaps the biggest thing behind medications is that they could start a brain chemistry even more

A don’t repair it.distorted collection number three is remotely underlying cause that sounds pretty commonsense does not left to re-balance dysfunctional brain chemistry. We do away with the substance of the brain is made up rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, healthy, healthy eating the brain requires because of the imbalance requires a large amount of targeted specific amino acid vitamins and minerals to re balance itself, but it gone naturally with no medications that sound too simple. 

Just healthy nutrition was more than healthy nutrition. It targeted formulas to re balance the brain chemistry of you tried it. The results are up to eighty five percent recovery rate. When people use this method of recovery go with your choice recovery or sobriety. It’s never too late for long term drug treatment.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery | Pat’s Story #2

I went back. I have one pair of flip-flops. One of my insured in James Madison. The obelisk of that piece of worships a million have me back tomorrow. That was anything other cool than argue with me, no nothing. So we go home and spend my sleep on his couch and we go down the next morning to the basement of the Palmer church in on the a guy named Sam the and my father ‘s in there for a few minutes and my dad leaves and stamina talking to Sam starts.

Tell me about himself story similar to mine, but then this gets even worse and he tells me about a alcohol rehab program that he is found in a way of life that is lab him did not user do drug alcohol only for thirteen months and I’m like wow, you’ve done nothing for thirteen months. I couldn’t think of thirteen hours and thirteen day and he said yeah and then he said. One more thing. He said I have a friend or someone in my life now, but knows everything there is to know about me. He said somebody knows who I am well that would be awesome… no way for all his twisted stuff that he’s done and thought no one there.

addiction treatment program with pat's story

I know that, and he went on, they continue to talk about the alcohol and drug treatment program and he said finally came to me, so that what you think us. And I think you guys have a great alcohol addiction treatment program and I’ve got two roommates of an college that can really use it and as soon as I get there I meant to tell him about it and I Sam being experienced like he was sent no punk. That’s not what I’m talking about and not look around when anybody else in the room but me and he said this is about you and he said, how long you think you’re the last out on the streets in acid will remain on not going out on the street he said her father is an awesome man, and he’s can and do whatever I fell and he said, if you won’t stay here for the next twenty four hours and not drink or use and be with me. I’m in and tell him to not take a back to school and he said you can go down the street and live downtown and how long you think you’re the last down there.

While I thought about drug alcohol and I was basically trapped asset audit is for one day and he said that strives to be down here. Note go home with your dad. Bead on her tomorrow and I’ll talk to you about. I can do that for one day he said your father said as long as you’re doing that you can stay in his house. He scarcely do it. You have money, i.e., and you got a chance. You don’t do that here on the streets that started a day at a time journey that is served me at all. Why till I sit here right now, today the first meeting I went to the first day I was exposed to a twelve step program. I sat in the room and I listened to these eleven or twelve other people talk and the thing it was so unusual was like the meeting was rigged. I didn’t say hardly anything and he came in the end, but each person that Paul was telling about feelings and had experiences they have had life situations that were exactly like mine is like for the first time I was around people and I thought Phil Roth felt understood me at that first meeting.

There were people talking. I started introducing the concept of a higher power in that there is something greater than all of us, and that all I needed to know is that my thinking my best intentions and actions. It got me to that restaurant and it was not hard for me to look back and note and see what those were. But that one I sat and these were I felt something different. And then this. It was a power stronger than me. They can help me get out of alcohol and substance dependence and stay sober. One day at a time and that became the basis of my spiritual beginning and in the program. Wise-man blessed in a million ways. I talked earlier about this sand dreams I had an aged twenty and hopes and goals, and that the life I’ve had in the dreams come true so far exceed any thing I could’ve even fantasize that I would be last with the experiences of quality of life and not the opportunities that God has given me, and I believe it’s because of sobriety and committing the steps of Jesus Christ

Alcohol Addiction Recovery | Pat’s Story #1

First time I drank I got drunk and I vividly remember being invited to a party was in the seventh grade and a friend of mine sister bought us a pinto of old force your network for less boys. we went under a bridge. yeah, whether this party and twisted the top off of it. I watched the first two boys open it. take a sip. both of them spit it out and burn their mass and other stuff is awful and I said here give it to me and I distinctively remember taking a big swallow swallow it burn going down, but all the sudden I was warm inside and I said, this is great. give me that bottle my three friends were there were all amazes at you like that stuff. and I said is nothing wrong with this, and I proceeded to drink almost all of the bottle myself. We went on to a party. I proceeded to get sick in all kinds of attention at the party with vomit all over myself. I was taken home that night, I was met by my mother. she asked what happened, and that was the start of a lot of enabling that was very characteristic of my relationship with my mother because when I told her I’d been drinking. I said someone spiked the punch and she said oh you poor baby. come in here. let me give you an aspirin Alka-Seltzer. go to sleep.

alcohol addiction recovery

I woke up the next morning she met me with aspirin and a glass of water, and it was not my fault. it was somebody else’s fault, and I learned how to make my behavior somebody else’s fault not be responsible from that point on, and after that, any time I drank I drank to get drunk member. I get up when I was in college until into the bathroom and look in the mirror and it looks like I felt like crap I’d say this shit just got to stop and I need alcohol and drug help treatment. 

You can go on like that. Not so yeah, but not the day that I had no hope.I’ve nowhere to go one of the sad things is I’d sit around five roommates and we had these pathetic dreams. oh yeah, someday one of my roommates lies in again. the trust fund. A third innings and only get this yacht is currently using me on the yacht you know when I’m thirty I’m saying. indeed, I might start you about the rate I’m going on really didn’t think I was at the dreams thathad an outlet for just sad. very plentiful at Thanksgiving that year I was to go home and see my mom and at this point I knew enough to know if I took anything I could not predict my behavior and so I had it had not taken anything at all for two days gone cold turkey is a timeless to the drink alcohol to the drug. I could not you, whereas in and out or when it would stop we went down to my grandparents and a house for Thanksgiving dinner. As I came out drug alcohol seizure. my grandmother had her hands, laid on me and she was praying my family was around man.

I really thought I’d like that was in heaven or something so strange, but I’ll never forget looking around and seeing my brothers and sister and mother and grandmother seen the hurt and the pain in their eyes. I didn’t care about myself with this one. I wish I had died, but there was, I still had a conscience, and I can look at them and see the thatthey care about me and her very much and they were scared and didn’t know what to do so. I have went up. we had Thanksgivingdinner will bit quiet around the table that meal and my mother took me to the hospital the next morning for a full physical and bechecked out and see what caused the seizure I was a anticonvulsant drugs are taking to do it in the doctor, but even have to bereal, perceptive, but he noticed holes in my arms, my physical condition and he told my mother‘s and your son is a drug addict andhe needs help

immediately minimize the situation is in my mind it was the alcohol and drugs that were keep in my life together, not blown it apart.I could not imagine sober are living without alcohol and drugs do keep me going. and so that night I went home every intention to stay home do nothing to my good old friends call it your birthday. you got any got to go out for little while don’t worry, we won’t do anything thank my mom, I’ll be home at eleven go worry about a thing going out with you with my brothers and it’ll all be good andwent out and that was my intention to be back at seven o’clock the next day.

I guess I made it home about nine o’clock in the morning and my mother was sitting at the breakfast room table and I’ll never forget it, because usually she would outcome in the confrontation explaining denial blaming that sort of thing, and she looked at me and she had that same look. she had when I came out of that seizure. I could see the pain and hurt and my mother who allowed very deeply. now wasn’t acting like it in the cheese just literally slid me a letter a handwritten letter in those days. I wrote with these pins with an ink cartridge and she had written this long letter that was the tier saying that she said. I don’t know what to do with you. you very sick. I cannot have you and the house anymore. did some helper do something and I don’t have any resources. don’t come back and she put a hundred dollars in their laughed it off to hundred dollars when down the bad side down in Houston and bought drugs and went back to Austin.

I then back in Austin about two days and you soon and classes. it just started and one afternoon one house there I was sitting we had our apartment was, college decorate it was like two tires with an old door on it. we were sitting around the table three in the afternoon. Full ashtrays, beer bottles about the smoke a joint and I looked across the sliding glass door in Austin. I saw my father scamper by my father, not an hard even spoken in a couple years. he was so disgusted with me in my behavior didn’t know what to do with this completely smoke-filled pot cigarette stale beer. All that knock on the door and he comes in a hell you guys done. I’m never seen him like this. he was completely friendly said hi to my friends. I just came up the senior honey to talk to Patty, here comes in the bathroom just shaken up. what’s can happen, he said. He said Pat driven upgrades don’t want to talk to you for a few minutes in the if that’s all right in a set of very nice nonthreatening was okay. I was in Austin Glasgow University taxes walked out apartments over to a little hill and we set out and he started doing some of the talking and he said, you know, he said is that I don’t know what’s wrong with you exhibit last titles, watching TV and phone number came on for a place called crisis hotline called itand I told him about you they put me in touch with a program called Palmer drug abuse program and I called them and tell them about you. 

He said I don’t know anything about drugs for this sort of thing that they told me you don’t have the Christmas and if you don’t get some help. You might die and I wanted, wanted to discount that an SEO your exact rate and that’s not right, but he had enough knowledge and information about the problem that I knew he was right and he said, he said, listen, except top of these people I want you to go talk to him, and if they say everything‘s okay. he said I’ll put you on a plane, you can be back tomorrow so I got an appointment with them tomorrow morning at eleven and if you face everything‘s okay. you come back up your beer allowance, and then we’ll deal with it later. this will sit there thinking I’m scared looking for a way out and then he said they said one more thing. He said I love you help.

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My Own Help Binge Drinking #1

At the early age when I was young a little boy to be specific dad drunk alcohol not much, but when he did I wish he did not. All the time my wish was dad and mother had good mood. When he was drunk they fighting all day and when you feel something wrong and no of them is home then it stress a lot. I put my track for life that I’m don’t going to be drunk and violence.

Promise was broken by myself because I cannot blame my friends on that. All choice what was made by me, so I tried first time alcohol at 16 years old and felt so good.

After studying in industrial school (welding) I did not do any binge drinking at all maybe when I was at party (birthday). Had not much friends to go out with and I did not want in that age also.

Then industrial school was at the end I couldn’t find work at all and I drove from big city back to the country where the binge drinking started.

Overall it started at night and with bad influence of “friends” who I knew and do not want to do anything else just forget them. When I look at myself on the mirror then I do not see that good and clean person like I was, because the night when I came home I was very rude to mother and it was shame and every other night I was stressed and nervous that had to stop.

This was decision when I started my alcoholism treatment.

Symptoms & Treatment For Alcohol Poisoning

Treatment of alcohol poisoning is a thing that everyone should know and better when someone could help to determine and aid problem. Some of us have been encountered with such problem and you already have an idea what it means and looks like. If you don’t then you probably need to understand risks and definition first of all.

Do You Know What Alcohol Poisoning Is?

Alcohol poisoning resolves from the body reabsorbing large amount of alcohol and compose serious health risks. Binge drinking which is some of else have four or five drinks in two or few hours often can lead into such condition. When your alcohol absorbs too much alcohol then the central nervous system becomes depressed and stops functioning properly. Meaning your breathing and hearth rate slows down and in more serious cases may even stop. In addition your gag reflex which prevents you to swallowing your choking can be resisted. This creates a risk of choke to death. It’s very important to know the sides of your health to get immediate help.

Signs Lead to Alcohol Poisoning

  • Look for the irregular slow breathing (define 8 breaths minute)
  • blueish skin
  • low body temperature
  • seizures
  • vomiting
  • extreme confusion
  • inability to be roused from sleep

Treatment For Alcohol Poisoning

Now when you know alcohol poisoning symptoms there’s two differences of having too much drinks and alcohol poisoning. For the treatment you should determine at least one of the signs. If you do not know what to do after determine those signs then call 911 and dispatcher gonna guide process what need to be done. treatment of alcohol poisoningIf person is not reacting or not responsive then put person on the recovery position (on the side). You never know when and what gonna come out from mouth and reason why is they do not choke. Keep person warm or if she/he having wet clothing then try to take off at least much as you can to keep them warm, dry and in the safe place. When you see person alerts, have life signs or responses then you want to make person absorb water. Dehydration can cause headache, disoriented or get hangover. Give that person water slowly.

Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction Leading to Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction, also referred to as alcoholism for short, is by definition the compulsive requirement that an individual has for an intoxicating drink that has been created from a fruit or fermented grain. This drink can be anything that comes to your mind, including the likes of wine, beer, rum, whiskey, bourbon, gin, and many more.

The regular intake of alcohol can lead to alcohol addiction once the individual starts constantly craving for consumption of drink and is unable to put a limit to his desires. The usual symptoms that arise when an individual becomes an alcoholic include sweating, anxiety and nausea. However, the term alcoholic has also been used for various people who have experienced the need of inducing large amounts of alcohol in order to get drunk.drug and alcohol treatment

Most of the people think that if you have a strong will then there is no chance that you would suffer from an alcohol addiction because they believe to have alcohol rehab ability to stop. However, the actual process is much more complicated than that. A person who has turned into an alcoholic experiences craving that is so great it even suppresses their ability to stop drinking. Most, if not all, of the alcoholics require an adequate alcoholism treatment in order to give up on their addiction.

The cause for a person to start suffering from alcohol addiction may differ depending on the individual. People might start using such beverages on a regular basis because of various reasons such as the environment that they live in, a traumatic experience that they have gone through recently, or other events that have somehow hurt the individual in a way that they see is irreparable.

Alcoholism has a lot of bad effects on the individual and this is why alcoholism treatment should be undergone as soon as possible. Alcohol can be both mentally and physical destructive to the individual. As a matter of fact, most of the suicides, accidental deaths and murders have been committed while the one responsible was under the influence of alcohol.

There are also a number of health related issues that have been connected with alcoholism including cancer, many diseases of the liver, heart diseases and even brain damage. An alcoholic who does not undergo an alcoholism treatment in time might reduce their life expectancy by up to 15 years.

Some of the problems that alcohol addiction might lead to include:

  • The excessive intake of big amounts of alcohol can cause the destruction of brain cells and lead to serious brain damages.
  • Since alcohol causes disturbance to the overall structure and functions of the central nervous system it can actually hurt your ability to retrieve and process information.
  • After you have consumed a certain amount of alcohol, your cognitive abilities worsen.
  • The consumption of large quantities of alcohol can interfere with the oxygen supply to the brain and thus lead to complete blackouts.
  • Alcohol addiction may the reason for inflammation of the mouth, stomach and o esophagus. It can also lead to cancer to the said organs.
  • Large amounts of alcohol might be the cause of irregular heartbeats. If the individual is suffering from alcohol addiction, they can also experience a far greater risk of heart attacks, heart damages and high levels of blood pressure.
  • The intake of alcohol can disrupt the normal sexual functions of the individual. It also reduces the circulation of the blood, and highly increases the chances of suffering from malnutrition or excessive water retention.
  • Other effects that are known after consumption of alcohol include lack of coordination, impaired judgement and attention, slurred speech, and more.

Some of the symptoms that you should look for in order to see if the person is suffering from alcohol addiction include:

  • The individual has developed a sense of compulsion to drinking.
  • The sufferer can develop a far reduced ability of having control over the amounts of alcohol that they consume.
  • The usual lifestyle of the sufferer is centered on drinking.

You have to understand that alcohol addiction cannot be overcome on your own. People who are suffering from this illness need professional alcoholism treatment or find the best rehabilitation centers for alcohol in order to recover and move on with their life. If you have a friend or a family member who has such a problem, consult a substance abuse counselor straight away and begin the alcoholism treatment as soon as possible.

Welcome And Purpose Of Alcoholism Web

This is the introduction to topic “stop drinking alcohol” and purpose of such idea. Alcoholism is a big problem for the grown ups and teenagers because after too much addict to alcohol can lead to the serious health issues and even somebody close lose social interest on addicted person.

drinking addiction

To be short on this post going to start right away with our goal. Our goal is to introduce about the alcoholism, what is danger, impacts and more specific details on alcohol addiction.

Also for addition share my own story how I got addicted and minimize such consuming to normal.

Update: Posts can be expected every week 1 or some case two, but not more. Reason why to post not so often is my main language is not English and I’m sorry if someone do not like and I’m trying the best of me and second it’s take time to post good or close to that content. Thanks for undestranding and hopefully you like my upcoming alcohol treatment posts.